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The discussion page for Map Marking Symbols.

About this Page:

This page has a number of documents relating to Map Marking Symbols, and the new App-6a (Mil Std 2525) symbology standard.

Basic Documents:

  • The original App-6 manual (332Kb)
  • The new App-6a manual (extract from SOHB) (532Kb)
  • The complete NATO App-6a manual. Warning: (2.6Mb)
  • The annotated complete NATO App-6a DRDC Valcartier Edition manual. Please note this has been updated to the 2005 Version. I have incorporated the cover document and removed the "Intentionally Blank" pages to reduce the file size. Warning: (5.22Mb). This edition has been corrected, amended, and has hyperlinks and French Language additions by Daniel U. Thibault. This version is essential reading for map symbols users.
  • US Mil Std 2525B Change 1. Warning: (9.9Mb)
  • US Mil Std 2525C. Warning: (12.3Mb)
  • The latest version: US Mil Std 2525D. Warning: (18.5Mb)


  • A short (and plain English) article about the introduction of the new App-6a standard. (4Kb)
  • A brief about the discrepancies in icon placement in the new APP-6a standard. (24Kb)

    Useful Templates:

  • A PowerPoint Template with useful symbols (14Kb)
  • A PowerPoint Task Org Template with useful symbols (16Kb)


    The previous changes have all been incorporated into the new version.


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