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"We want to make games that are playable as well as realistic, and we want to understand why."

Info Pic Information. This site contains complete games designed by members of Wargame Developments, and made available for free download. For more information about Wargame Developments, click on the picture to the left.
WD Pic Wargame Developments Doctrine. This page contains information about Wargame Developments - what we do; why we do what we do; and why we are doing it for free.
Matrix Pic Matrix Games. This page contains information about Matrix games, invented by Chris Engle, and developed by Wargame Developments. These are games usually designed for about 6 players and an Umpire, and are all intended for a single session of play. They are playable in about 2 hours and require minimal set-up. A number of Matrix Games are included for free download. Updated August 13.
Team Pic Team Player Wargames. These are games for one or more teams of gamers, with an Umpire, and are all designed for a single session of play. Some are for two teams in different rooms with the Umpire running between them; others are for a single team and the Umpire (a bit like a role-playing game). They are all playable with 6-12 players. None of the games takes more than 4 hours to complete and require minimal set-up. Updated Jan 06.
Stuff Pic General Resources. These are things that might be useful in designing games, providing backgrounds, etc, that don't fit neatly into the other categories. Updated 25 Jun 00.

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